Why build the Dubai Audiobook Library?

More than 7 million people are visually-impaired in the Arab world. This motivated us to create an online library with more than 300,000 books in Arabic that will illuminate their path to knowledge through the contribution of 10,000 volunteers and inviting participation from all over the region.The Dubai Audiobook Library provides access to books for any person of determination who cannot read printed material, such as those with visual or physical disabilities.  

Reading provides innumerable benefits, including increased success in education, and development of job skills, reduction in poverty, and it contributes to economic growth. Individuals who can read also experience increases in self-esteem, knowledge, and independence. 

The Library is dedicated to people of determination, and empowers them to read books of their choice in a way that works for them, when and where you want, on the devices they already own. 

Who qualifies?

Members must have a qualifying disability to join Dubai Audio Book Library. Examples include:

  • Visual impairments, whether low-vision, tracking issues, or blindness
  • Learning disabilities, such as Dyslexia
  • Physical disabilities that impact the ability to read a traditional book

These stakeholder members have access to the entire collection of more than 400,000 titles from Bookshare plus all titles added by the Dubai Audiobook Library.  Those without qualifying disabilities may access books that are freely-available.

How Dubai Audiobook Library helps

Dubai Audiobook Library helps people customise their reading experience in the most convenient way for them. It is easy to use and accessible. Member can choose to listen to books, follow along with highlighted text and read in braille or large text. 

  • Alternative formats: e-books in audio, audio and highlighted text, large text, braille
  • Huge collection: books for school, career and pleasure reading
  • Read on your device of choice: computers, tablets, smartphones, braille devices and more

How volunteers can participate

The Dubai Audiobook Library offers the largest e-volunteering opportunity, which is open to anyone, anywhere. Some ways to help include:

  • Converting Arabic books to digital books through OCR scanners that will be provided to them
  • Proofreading books that have been converted into digital files before uploading them to the website
  • Approving digital books that have been checked on the website